Gregoire Boonzaier


Gregoire Boonzaier 1909 – 22 APRIL 2005

Gregoire Boonzaier, one of South Africa’s greatest and oldest artists passed away at the age of 95 years.

“I have reached the age when I am no longer able to receive potential buyers or dealers in order to sell my work from my studio. Not only is this labour extremely exhausting, but for an older and recognized painter, most undignified. I have therefore decided to launch my own gallery, where a sympathetic and experienced staff will attend to the sale of my work. At the same time they will endeavor to offer for sale not only certain works of my contemporize, but also various items of my large private collection of antiques, which I have gathered together since my early life as an artist. These treasures have not only enriched my life, but also those of my family and intimate friends.
My gallery will also encourage young art enthusiasts to begin their own collections, even if a start is made with a modest drawing, linocut or even reproduction.
Hopefully it may enable me to continue at my leisure with further creative work- until the end! “