Gerrit Roon

Gerrit Roon

Born 1937 – Netherlands

Although interested in drawing and sketching from an early age, Gerrit never really benefited from formal training and remains largely self-taught. This clearly gives a uniqueness of interpretation and style, which permeates his work. Gerrit is one of those talented people who knew exactly what he wanted to do and went ahead and did it.

In 1958, as a young man, Gerrit emigrated from Holland to South Africa and was instantly impressed by the scenery and quality of light. He began experimenting in oils, watercolours and pastels before settling on his chosen medium of oils. His range of subject matter varies from wildlife, landscapes of villages and hills to his famous coastal scenes. His treatment of light, balance of colour and composition put him at the forefront of contemporary South African landscape artists.

His works adorn many private and corporate collections including:


Cargo Motors

Gerrit is most famous for his small and large Table Mountain scenes, blue gums in the highveld and his beloved fishing boats / harbour scenes. Those who have collected Gerrit’s work in the past have been pleased to see them increase in value – a true measure of quality of work and uniqueness of talent.